About Antal International

Founded in 1993, Antal International is a management and professional recruitment specialist with a particular focus on the sourcing and retention of candidates in the ‘Generation Y’ bracket. One of the first recruitment organisations to devote substantial resources to emerging markets, the company now has over 140+ offices in 35 countries and works with many of the world’s most successful and ambitious employers.

The ‘Antal Global Snapshot’ is a regular survey that determines hiring and firing intentions in some of the world’s key employment markets.

Started in the Summer of 2008, the twentieth report in the series is based on data collected from 9,153 questionnaires that were collected from 35 key countries that spanned five continents of the world.

We hope you find it both interesting and useful.


Tony Goodwin
Chairman and Group CEO
Antal International



The editions of the ‘Antal Global Snapshot’ are based upon survey forms and telephone interviews completed by Line Managers and HR Managers from over 8,280 companies, professional partnerships and financial institutions across 50 countries which are actioned between the months of June and July for the first quarter and between the months of October and November of the second quarter of every year.

Each respondent will be asked whether they were currently hiring or letting go professional / managerial staff and whether they intended to do so over the coming quarter.  All respondents were guaranteed anonymity to encourage open and honest answers.